Baffling Things in Germany


So since my traveling has been at a dead lull, with work schedules and my webseries I’m making, I thought I’d do a little blast to the past as it were, and talk about things I learned during my 2 months and so many days time in Germany.

Living in Germany was very interesting

A caveat that this is just what the family that I lived with and their extended family did.


No Ventilation


According to the people who I was living with, houses in Germany have no ventilation system. Which means that you have to open all the windows every day, or you get black spots on the wall from humidity etc….Very strange, given that neither of the houses I stayed in were very old.

Now if it’s summer, this is great, I’m sure. Fresh air, warmth, nice smells. But I was there in Autumn. And apparently this is normal to do all year round. That means in the middle of January you’re supposed to be opening all your windows. Guess what that means the house in Germany never was? Warm. It was never warm.

Mail Boxes


The mail boxes in Germany only go one way. You can only receive mail from your mailbox. If you want to mail anything, no matter what it is, you have to go to a public box, or the post office. So you can never just send something, from the convenience of your home. It confuses me, since the post man or woman is coming anyway….couldn’t they also take the mail?

Sparkling Water


I’ve drank this in France, in Germany, in Ireland, in Poland, and it will never.ever.taste.good. I have been to Europe so many times, yet I will never understand why you would pay to have carbonation added to your water. The little boy who I “took care of” actually preferred his water this way. They had a machine to give it bubbles. Just…just why?

Showers with no ledges

I think this is pretty common in Europe, since several places I’ve stayed in have had showers like this. And I think I might dislike them as a much as I dislike sparkling water. These showers have no bottom, there’s just tile, and the shower curtain didn’t even go all the way down. So yes, that meant the whole floor was soaked after I took a shower, no matter how low the spray was. Which then meant I had to go and try and mop up all the water every time.





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