New World Magischola- Packing

Some of you may recall that I went to a little thing called College of Wizardry back in March. I played a character named Diana Torres, a young, green, baby werewolf in house Molin. I fell in love with LARP and have since received a scholarship to attend New World Magischola, down in Williamsburg, VA.

It’s only a week before I drive south, so I thought now would be a good time to talk about my character, and my packing.

Originally I was planning on playing a student, but this particular run was quite short professors, so I bolstered myself, and decided to offer to be one. Much of my character is staying the same, but she’s a couple years older.

I’ll be playing Tallis Brayboy, Professor of Cursebreaking, house monitor for Croatan (her former house when she was a student). Tallis has visions, which are often jarring and upsetting for her, along with an ulterior plan/motivation that drives her and consumes her. I’m teaching three classes, plus a special and an exam. Wish me luck O.o

I’m still gathering things together, but here’s the basics that I have so far:

Image may contain: 1 person, selfie and closeup

A blue and cream lace dress

A constellation dress


My wand and suitcase

Displaying IMG_0271.JPG

My boots

I also have several necklaces, a couple hats, and a mask.  In a week almost down to the hour, I will be at William and Mary, checking in and creating my classroom!

See you soon, Tallis.


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