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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I’m Lacey Shaw, the writer behind Rain and Tea Around the World. 

Rain and Tea Around the World is an introspective, mish mash of past travel, current travel, and things I’ve learned both on the go, and at home

I’m 28, currently living in Washington D.C. with my long time partner and fiancee.I grew up in Washington and then Ohio, before going off on an adventure to India and the Caribbean for a gap year. I earned my degree at The Evergreen State College and now write a blog, write other creative things, am making a second webseries, and have a real job to pay some of those annoying things called bills.

I am currently trying to explore this new, strange coast I find myself on, and learning to find beauty in the mundane.


You can also find me at:

Instagram – You’ll find random photos of me I think are cute, new places I’m visiting in the DMV area and more info about my webseries

Twitter– More about my webseries, minor talk of politics, and lots of love for queer creators (and maybe star wars)

Youtube – Original songs, covers, occasional reviews




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