Baffling Things in Germany

So since my traveling has been at a dead lull, with work schedules and my webseries I'm making, I thought I'd do a little blast to the past as it were, and talk about things I learned during my 2 months and so many days time in Germany. Living in Germany was very interesting A... Continue Reading →


College of Wizardry: First LARP

Larping is something I have wanted to do for several years now, but of course it was my long time love of things related to Harry Potter and magic that finally allowed me to buy my ticket and take the plunge. For those who don't know, LARP stands for: Live Action Roleplaying. A lot of... Continue Reading →

Diana Torres, First Three Days at Czocha

Author note:┬áHere follows a long diary entry from Diana Torres, a fictional character I played as at a larp called College of Wizardry. I plan on also writing a post ooc about my thoughts on my first larp, etc. Enjoy I arrived at Czocha on Thursday evening, having no idea what to expect. It was... Continue Reading →

Green Man Running

Michelle and Lacey Versus the Doors of Paris Also known as my crazy stressful 2 1/2 day weekend in Paris My mother and I arrived into Paris around ten in the morning, to clear, cold weather. We made it through passport control with the barest of glances from the guard, to our amazement. Apparently Americans... Continue Reading →

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