Escape Room Live- Alexandria

During my time in Berlin preceding College of Wizardry, I got to explore some of Berlin, and one of my favorite experiences was being introduced to Escape Rooms.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with escape rooms, here’s what they are:

A mind game. It’s all about intellect. You’re “locked” in a room, with a clock counting down. You have to use clues, objects, and other people to help you solve the puzzle, and beat the clock to escape the room. It’s fashion for each room to have a theme, and I’ve read of everything from mobster, to titanic, to zombie.

My first one was at Claustrophobia Berlin, in a pirate themed room. I’d never met the two girls I was doing it with before, but we were all going to CoW together, and we did an awesome job! And I was hooked.

So when thinking about what to do for my 25th birthday (which was on Tuesday, June 20th!) I thought how much fun another escape room would be, especially since my parents and my fiancee Sierra hadn’t done one before.

We ended up going with Escape Room Live- Alexandria, which is right in the historic district of Alexandria.

As I am a huge lover of Sherlock Holmes (let’s be clear here, the original stories and the RDJ version plus others, not the tv show) we went with ‘Moriarty’s Madness’

As Sherlock, you have broken into Professor James Moriarty’s office… and he isn’t happy. What does he have planned and can you stop it from happening?

The clock is ticking…   Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.”

The biggest difference for me from the escape room in Berlin was that this did not feel like you were in a different world. The room itself was lovely, but you didn’t feel locked in, you could see out onto the main street of Alexandria, and there were big glass windows above Moriarty’s office that while you couldn’t see anything out of because they were so high, you did know you weren’t really in an office.

But the clues were interesting and fun, with a variety of things. There were seven of us, one exchange student, me and my fiancee, my parents, my sister, and my brother in law. At first I felt pretty darn useless, but it eventually got to a point where it was all hands on deck. I figured out several things on my own and felt quite proud of it. And when it was time, I got to be the one to stop the bombs.

We ended with twelve minutes to spare, which I thought was pretty good, but apparently with seven people it was relatively sub par. Oh well, I was still proud.

Of course, no Escape Room would be complete without the posing in costume


Escape Room Live has three other rooms in Alexandria: The Wizard’s Apothecary, Sherlock Holmes: A Matter of Time, and Poe-Ranormal Activity. 

They also have two other locations, in Georgetown and Glover Park.

Escape Room Live is  a lot of fun, well put together, and what it might lack in realism, it makes up in puzzles and mind benders.

Book your room at Escape Room Live!



20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Pacific Northwest

I miss the Pacific Northwest everyday. I’ve made a new life for myself out on the East Coast, and I like to think it’s whole, and special. But the West coast was my home for 13 total years. I hope these photos inspire you to visit, and see what I love about it.


If you visit the PNW, you might see:


Rocky, jagged beaches that you can see from hilltops


Driftwood covered beaches on sunshine filled days


A herd of caribou casually grazing in a state park


Rushing rivers that go over old, old lava tubes


Dormant volcanoes that leave their mark on the land and the people


Serene rivers that become a place for two people to get engaged


Mountain hikes that let you see over into another country (literally)


Sandy beaches for walking on


Gorgeously manicured gardens


Cultural events honoring our dead


Snow covered mountains in July


Snow tubing!


Surprise walks in the snow on a Sunday morning


Seals begging for food next to a fish and chips place


Very fashionable and delicious high tea



Suspension bridges over rivers that make your heart race


Views like this as you travel through a pass


Rainy and misty days


Fresh, ripe strawberry picking



Sun and Lava

Sometimes we have memories from places we visited as a child, and they’re really wonderful memories. So wonderful, that when we go back to these places, they can leave us wondering what’s different this time, why isn’t the place as beautiful as how we remember?

And then there’s days like this past Sunday, visiting Gifford Pinchot National Forest, where the reality completely outshines what I remembered from visiting when I was little.

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Birthday Excursion to Vancouver B.C.

The last couple of years for my birthday, I’ve gone down to Portland. And the year before that I just stayed in Olympia. This year I felt the need for something a bit different, and after some research, decided to travel north to Vancouver B.C. I hadn’t been there since I was a little kid, and Sierra had never been. So we bought our train tickets, arranged a stay through Couchsurfing, and counted the days until we left.

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I wholly recommend going and spending a day in Astoria, Oregon.

This little town on both the Columbia and close to the coast was a place I used to visit pretty often as a little kid, when we lived in Battle Ground. I’ve only been back a couple of times as an adult, however, and both trips have been wonderful little excursions.

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