Cold, Chocolaty Hershey

Sierra and I are notorious for traveling and taking advantage of our vacation time, regardless of the weather. Of course going places when it's warm and the amusement park is open. But when it's cold out, there's often still plenty of things to do, and will far less crowds. So on the long weekend for... Continue Reading →


10 Photos that Will Make You Want to Visit the DC Area

Despite having only moved to the area back in September 2016, I've visited the DC area since I was fifteen, when my sister first moved to the region for college. This selection of photos are some of my favorite things, and part of what making living in such a different culture easier. Maybe they'll inspire you to... Continue Reading →

Review of New World Magischola:LARP

This weekend I attended New World Magischola, a larp set in the same universe as College of Wizardry (Czocha). Just as with CoW, it's a Nordic Style Larp. For more info on larps and nordic larp in particular, check out my post about College of Wizardry Also here's NWM's official page, their next event will be Yule.... Continue Reading →

New World Magischola- Packing

Some of you may recall that I went to a little thing called College of Wizardry back in March. I played a character named Diana Torres, a young, green, baby werewolf in house Molin. I fell in love with LARP and have since received a scholarship to attend New World Magischola, down in Williamsburg, VA. It's only... Continue Reading →

Escape Room Live- Alexandria

During my time in Berlin preceding College of Wizardry, I got to explore some of Berlin, and one of my favorite experiences was being introduced to Escape Rooms. For those of you who are unfamiliar with escape rooms, here's what they are: A mind game. It's all about intellect. You're "locked" in a room, with... Continue Reading →

Sun and Lava

Sometimes we have memories from places we visited as a child, and they're really wonderful memories. So wonderful, that when we go back to these places, they can leave us wondering what's different this time, why isn't the place as beautiful as how we remember? And then there's days like this past Sunday, visiting Gifford Pinchot National Forest, where the reality completely outshines what I remembered from visiting when I was little.

Birthday Excursion to Vancouver B.C.

The last couple of years for my birthday, I've gone down to Portland. And the year before that I just stayed in Olympia. This year I felt the need for something a bit different, and after some research, decided to travel north to Vancouver B.C. I hadn't been there since I was a little kid,... Continue Reading →

I wholly recommend going and spending a day in Astoria, Oregon. This little town on both the Columbia and close to the coast was a place I used to visit pretty often as a little kid, when we lived in Battle Ground. I've only been back a couple of times as an adult, however, and... Continue Reading →

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